Peter Pan inspires decor

Peter Pan inspires decor

Since the beginning of the month and until January 2, 2012, the musical show "Peter Pan" returns to Paris at Bobino after a tour throughout France. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the work of James Matthew Barrie in the company of Peter, Wendy, the lost children, the Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. With a little fairy powder and a well-thought-out decoration, the little ones take off in their turn towards the imaginary Land, where you never grow up. When Peter Pan takes Wendy, Michel and Jean to the Imaginary Land, he introduces them to all the inhabitants of the island: the mermaids, the Indians, the lost children and the pirates led by Captain Hook. Each of them inspires an atmosphere for the children's room, according to what is most important to them. Presentation.

A cabin-style room

The landmark of lost children makes more than one toddler dream. This secret cabin built in the root of a large tree evokes the adventurous side to which the young intrepid aspire. To fill them, why not invest a cabin area in the bedroom? Under a mezzanine bed, curtains are dropped to the floor. We set up this well hidden space with a small table, chairs, toys and treasure maps ... Make way for the game.

An Indian room

If your child is fascinated by the red skins of the Imaginary Land, why not let Lili la Tigresse decorate her bedroom? If space allows, we take up the space of a small teepee to create a well-personalized playground. But we also put on stickers evoking the universe and the costumes of the Indian tribes, as well as Inca patterns and bright colors for the carpet and the bed linen.

A pirate room

The illustrious Captain Hook and his sidekick Mouche also inspired the decor. A crocodile-shaped plush thrown on the ground, a boat-style bed above which a white canopy is suspended mimicking the sails of a frigate, a giant treasure map drawn on the wall and blue as far as the eye can see: here some good ideas to draw to create a pirate atmosphere. Boarding!

A mermaid room

As for the little girls, it is the mermaids that decorate. A suspension of fish, a frieze of dolphins, decorative corals, mermaid stickers and sand-effect paint to decorate the walls, here is what to set the scene!