Immerse yourself in the sparkling and vitamin world of Rice

Immerse yourself in the sparkling and vitamin world of Rice

The Rice brand has decided to take the opposite view of a simple and neutral Danish design, and it shows! Dusting the decor is the credo of its creator Charlotte Gueniau. She offers us a colorful and playful universe, where the retro-countryside style collides happily with current design. Travel in childhood guaranteed!

360 degree turn

It all starts with a desire to change lives. Settled in Paris for 15 years, Charlotte and her French husband Philippe one day feel the unspeakable need to live differently. The idea of ​​selling original products made in Thailand by one of their childhood friends will germinate during a lunch. Then follow a move to Denmark, two children, and the creation of Rice. But where does this funny name come from? Quite simply food, so important for the population of the developing countries with which Charlotte and Philippe work. An anthem of the brand was even drawn from it: "Add some spice to life with rice"! Today, a decade after its creation, Rice employs more than 35 people in Denmark and 80 people around the world (notably Thailand and Madagascar). The brand, which is keen to comply with ethical and social certification standards, has just opened a structure in India.

Small overview

Rice's philosophy? Color and more color! All mixed in playful and punchy patterns. On the program: a multitude of accessories for everyday life (keychains, scarves, kits ...), for the home (carpet, lampshade, photo frames ...) or for the kitchen (dishes, cookbooks ...). In addition to design and colors, the brand's spearhead is of course melamine tableware, which comes in the form of plates, glasses, trays, kitchen utensils, bowls ... A real comeback to childhood with its airs of dinette! Quality and safety are no less forgotten: all the products in the collection are designed to be in contact with food without the risk of allergy or poisoning. They benefit from rigorous control which meets European standards in this area. The creator of Rice is inspired by the world of children, and brings a "girly" touch to all her objects. She also admits that she cannot live without colors and without patterns. His house, located by the sea in Denmark, is in his image and radiates good humor. Have a Rice day! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"