By assembling the boxes, create the shelf you want!

By assembling the boxes, create the shelf you want!

Library under the stairs, wall shelf, some storage cubes placed side by side on the ground: very fashionable, the boxes play the decorative card and easy storage. Let's do a check in. The basic rectangular shelves have given way to the new trend: square storage. There are all shapes, all colors, all materials. In other words, there is something for everyone. The success of these cubes lies precisely in its customizable side: the many assembly possibilities please.

Putting the boxes together: good ideas

We can equip ourselves with a 9-compartment shelf in which drawers or cube-shaped boxes fit together to create rhythm and volume. Another possibility: imagine a staircase under which we want to invest the space to make a storage area. The ideal is to opt for a bookcase or a shelf whose boxes take the form of the steps: no need to mount a custom piece of furniture. In the children's room, the cubes are also clever storage. As in the image above, you can align a few on the floor: toys, books and games become easily accessible for the little ones. The other good idea that is suitable for any room in the house is to opt for wall cubes . Suspended, they allow not only to take advantage of the space above windows and doors, but in addition, they energize the walls.

Play on the mixture of colors and materials

Note that the boxes are available in all colors (white, black, purple, red, yellow green ...) and that we can have other boxes that fit perfectly inside in the materials that the we want: in a metal finish for a loft and modern style, in wicker basket style to give a natural and exotic touch or in fabric for more softness. We use this multitude of choices to have boxes of different colors and place square drawers adapted to the style of the house.

Where and at what price?

At But, your furniture with 4 boxes amounts to € 49, from 6 boxes to € 65 and from 9 boxes to € 79. Maisons du Monde offers the Edison shelf in the form of a staircase for € 169. On the Alinéa side, there are individual storage boxes in green, white, blue or pink, in metal or in braided sheets between 24 and 35 €. Depending on what you want, you can use them alone or nest them in a shelf. The Billy Ikea wall shelf is available at € 29. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"