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The arbor, an ideal shelter in the garden

The arbor, an ideal shelter in the garden

Shelter elegantly, this is a concept that could define the arbor. This shelter with a refined silhouette is a real invitation to meals and relaxation. To take advantage of its exterior, nothing like a shaded area. Garden furniture, children's play area or rest area, you will understand, the arbor meets many of our summer desires, especially since there is something for everyone. If its frame is available in wrought iron, wood or steel, the main choice to make concerns its covering. Canvas curtains or climbing plants?

Canvas curtains for a kiosk style

The sophisticated marquee spirit is in the garden. When the frame is covered with polyester canvas, the arbor takes on refined and chic airs. And during this time, it is we who take the air! These curtains shelter us a little more from the sun, wind and rain and thus allow us to spend pleasant moments outdoors, while protecting us from hot, cold or rainy weather. By adding a mosquito net, it is with even more pleasure that you enjoy a delicious meal or that you doze off without being bothered.

Climbing plants create a shelter of greenery

Eager for natural charm? Instead, opt for a trellis on which the greenery will be allowed to climb. This time, the arbor becomes a shelter by being devoured by nature. Virginia creeper, jasmine, clematis or wisteria quickly create a small green paradise all in height which protects from the sun in summer, and lets light through in winter. Delight for the eyes, here is a cradle of daring greenery whose scent of flowers will perfume your garden. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"