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What colors for a bucolic atmosphere?

What colors for a bucolic atmosphere?

Flowers, sweetness, freshness and colors! Put your interior in summer time by immersing it in a bucolic universe full of poetry and romance.

Back to basics

To create a bucolic interior as you wish, let nature enter your home sweet home. Bet on green, in all its variations and tones: water green, anise green, emerald green, this color will bring freshness to your decor. Combine it with white to recall the pure side of nature, but also with chocolate or brown to evoke the earth. Warm colors that will give contrast to the first two. You can also adopt the Liberty style which with its small delicate flowers will give a very girly touch to your decor. Choose this print for your curtains in a living room or for cushions, a duvet cover in a bedroom.

Warm colors to wake up your interior

Let the sun come into your decor with color! Choose yellow or blue, two shades which again recall natural elements such as the sun and the sky. Two warm shades that will create a dynamic, warm atmosphere and brighten up your interior. Choose them for your curtains, wallpapers, or even for your accessories such as cushions or floor mats. However, avoid this type of color for your bedroom, especially the bright yellow which does not promote sleep.

Must-have stickers

Original trees that grow in your kitchen, bamboos that take root behind your sofa roses that bloom in your room, give life to all your desires for bucolic decor with stickers.

Decorative items and trendy dishes

Bring originality and always color to your atmosphere with playful and practical accessories like fridge magnets in the shape of fruit or leaves. Invite your theme to the table by choosing dishes with this in mind. Bet on plates in vibrant colors: turquoise, plum or almond green. You can also opt for very spring decorations that give pride of place to birds, butterflies or even fruits.