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Adopt celadon blue!

Adopt celadon blue!

It is one of the flagship colors of 2019 and refers to Chinese porcelain. Celadon blue illuminates the most authentic interiors and brings a little softness to the most modern interiors. How to qualify it? With which colors to associate it? For which decorative styles? We tell you everything about this verdigris with blue shades.

What is celadon blue?

If we had to qualify celadon blue, we could say that it is a pale green-gray color, slightly bluish with an aged or even patinated appearance. Its hues are similar to those of willow or peach leaves and it is generally associated with a pastel color. For the record, the etymology of the word celadon comes from a character in the novel l'Astrée d'Honoré d'Urfé. But we know more about this color thanks to the eponymous Chinese porcelains of the Yue region dating from the 11th century. Wanting to imitate jade, the potters then introduced a small amount of iron oxide into the glaze thus giving birth to this astonishing shade. Celadon blue was then referenced during the first color optics of the 18th century. Today, he even has a number in the color code: # 83a697.

For which decorative styles?

Not very saturated but no less bright, the celadon blue color has the advantage of adapting to all decorative styles, whether it is a vintage, cozy, modern or even industrial interior! In a charming interior with rustic and authentic decoration, its presence sounds like evidence. You can imagine dressing the dishes, covering the linens, rubbing shoulders with the flowery patterns specific to the country style and teaming up with wood for the touch of character. In the same way, celadon blue is a great ally for those who like Zen atmospheres. Indeed, it is a popular shade of feng shui for the serenity that emanates from it. This is why celadon blue is recommended for painting the walls of the room. But celadon blue is not confined to country houses. He also likes to introduce himself in small touches into more contemporary interiors in which he sows a little sweetness. Combined with dark colors and raw materials, it offers a striking play of contrasts! If it lightens the dark tones, it does not lack character and will be able to rise to the occasion in urban interiors and loft spirit!

With which colors to associate it?

As you can see, celadon blue adapts to all decor styles. The secret to its enhancement therefore lies in the association of colors that it reserves. In a natural and rustic interior, we like to associate it with clear and natural tones like white, cream or beige. In terms of materials, we favor wood, rattan and all other vegetable fibers. Finally, we do not hesitate to sprinkle its interior with green plants whose nuances similar to celadon blue will enhance it. Speaking of identical shades, celadon blue causes a sensation when it forms a pretty monochrome of colors accompanied by various and varied greens and blues. Opt for khaki green and natural green to give it a modern look, prefer pastel shades like mint green or water green to bet on softness and favor turquoise and lagoon green to give it exotic airs. Finally, celadon blue goes perfectly with deeper and more intense tones in the most chic interiors. With gray, black or brownish hues, celadon blue plays the card of elegance and focuses on timelessness.