Vipp, accessories called desire

Vipp, accessories called desire

The name may not tell you anything, but its best-selling product - the trash can - is certainly familiar to you. Invented in 1939, the Vipp trash has never ceased to stretch, to adorn itself with new colors, to perfect itself ... without ever departing from its design and its robustness which have helped to forge its legend. The Danish brand, now famous worldwide thanks to its design icon, has expanded its catalog and now offers accessories and furniture for the kitchen, WC and bathroom. takes you to the discovery of Vipp DNA, incredible and unique!

A family saga

Vipp's story is closely linked to that of the Nielsen family. The first eponymous trash will indeed see the light of day thanks to the ingenuity of Holger Nielsen, who created the accessory at the request of his wife Marie. The latter, owner of a hairdressing salon, asks her husband to make a practical trash can for her because she then cruelly lacks the means to furnish her establishment. The customers of the show, seduced by the invention, will quickly ask for other bins for hospitals, dental offices and offices in which their husbands work. The Vipp adventure begins and the reputation of its flagship product will quickly establish itself in Denmark. When Holger died in 1992, the future of the company was uncertain. It was his daughter, Jette, who launched the trash as a design object a few years later. Bet successful: the trash pleases, and sales explode again but this time in individuals and no longer as a professional accessory. Today Vipp is a third generation family business. Jette has obtained the support of her own children, Sofie and Kasper, who continue her story by offering a growing range of products.

A timeless collection

"Good design never goes out of style," said Holger often. This credo is particularly suited to the Danish brand, which creates objects that ignore fashion. The original bin is now available in five sizes, plus a wide range of new products for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Towel rack, brush mop, bread box, dispenser for toilet paper, but also storage furniture, taps and kitchen islands now feature in the Vipp catalog. The Danish brand presents each year its collections adorned with a new color, to discover on their site