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10 ideas to recycle scraps of wallpaper

10 ideas to recycle scraps of wallpaper

Scraps of wallpaper lying around after reupholstering a wall? No question of throwing, we recycle! Plain or patterned, vinyl or non-woven, romantic or graphic, we transform the smallest bit of wallpaper into chic and practical DIY. A simple and economical tip to revamp a piece of furniture or transform the decor, we say yes?

1. We just put a strip of wallpaper

No need for a whole roll to give character to a room! A simple strip of wallpaper placed in the middle of the wall is enough to add a nice dose of style, whether it is graphic, romantic flowers or simply plain. Especially since if we used the paper elsewhere, the remaining strip can offer a nice reminder in front or in another room.

2. We make it a headboard

Do you know the trompe-l'oeil headboard? Good news, it can be done in wallpaper rather than painting. We recover an end of the roll to line a rectangle behind the bed, or even a board for those who prefer not to touch the wall. And we change the pattern or color like a shirt!

3. We frame them

Some wallpapers are real works of art, a good reason to recycle the scraps into arty posters. Especially since anyone can do it, even the less handy! We collect or buy pretty designer frames, cut the scraps of wallpaper to the right size and slide them into the frame, that's all. We can even play the accumulation by mixing the frames and the patterns.

5. We customize a library

It's easy, it costs nothing and it changes everything: for those who have a library with boxes at home, we line each box with a different scrap of paper. Just the background or the whole box depending on the desires and the amount of wallpaper remaining, but the result is stunning! Any more tips? The same method works with drawer bottoms.

4. We line furniture bottoms

And why not line the bottom of an entire piece of furniture? Open bookcase, grandma's wardrobe, family buffet… We cover the entire bottom of the furniture with our most beautiful scraps of paper, ideally with graphic patterns, to give a second life to an old piece of furniture. Relooked for cheap, it becomes design and trendy.

6. We cut off the scraps of wallpaper

Since we have scraps of quality wallpaper on hand, we might as well play the cutting game. Depending on the patterns, colors, quantities and talents of each, we recycle the pea scraps on a wall, we make stripes to customize a piece of furniture, patterns to draw a fresco, fish for the bedroom. children, flowers for the bedroom… Everything is possible with a little imagination!

7. We twist a staircase with paper

A banal staircase to revamp without paying the price? We go to plan B with scraps of wallpaper! We mix the colors and the patterns by cutting strips the size of the risers, then we simply glue them. Guaranteed decorative effect! For a lasting result, on the other hand, a layer of varnish or resin is essential.

8. We transform them into arty fabrics

Even more design than posters? The Web ! We collect real canvases, adjusting the size according to that of the scraps of wallpaper, and we simply line them. For larger ones, beware of fittings. All you have to do is hang the canvases on the wall or put them directly on the floor like an arty loft.

9. We recycle a tray

Who doesn't have that old old school tray lying around in the kitchen, hidden behind the oven? It's time to revive it with a nice drop of wallpaper! We paint the edges if necessary, we line the bottom of the tray with patterned paper and we varnish everything. Guaranteed success at tea time.

10. We make garlands out of wallpaper

For children's birthday, an office party or a ceremony at home, we scrap the scraps of wallpaper straight away in garlands of pennants. We simply cut triangles that we connect with string or ribbon and hang everything on the wall, between two beams or at the top of a window!