How to choose your pasta machine?

How to choose your pasta machine?

Lasagna, spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni ... Do you love pasta? So why not do it yourself? Nothing like bluffing your guests and you will see, making homemade pasta is a breeze when you have the hand. Flour, eggs, a good pasta machine and your homemade pastas! So how do you choose the right pasta machine?

A good recipe for fresh pasta

Fresh pasta costs three times nothing , you will not ruin yourself in ingredients: flour, eggs, water, a little salt. For the proportions, make according to the number of mouths to feed. For example, for two well-filled plates, count 200g of flour and 2 eggs. Overall, 100 grams of flour = 1 egg. And for more fantasy, did you know that we can color the pasta? Incorporate squid ink in the preparation for ultramarine blue pasta or beet for pretty pink pasta. Even more amazing, color different with food colors. Turquoise, orange, red ... And there are beautiful rainbows on the plates that are sure to amaze children!

Long live the tradition: the manual dough machine

The manual pasta machine is THE machine for Italian mothers. First point to know, your dough machine will be fixed to your work plan thanks to a vice. So take the measures before purchase to choose a suitable model under penalty of disappointment. Then, it only remains to place the preparation in the machine, the rolling mill lowers the dough according to different thicknesses , which will allow you to make plates of lasagna or cannelloni. With this base, you can also shape dough yourself like orecchiettes or farfalles. And play with your little arms, pass the dough several times through the rolling mill to obtain an optimal result. We advise you to invest in a quality pasta machine like a Marcato or Imperia pasta machine. If you opt for a low-end utensil, it will give up the ghost after three turns of the crank.


Dough machine: essential accessories

Cutting accessories

The accessories for pasta machines will allow you to easily create all the homemade pasta that you want. The most common: the tagliatelle and fettuccine accessory and the spaghetti accessory. If you particularly like to cook ravioli, you can also invest in a ravioli accessory. You will go much faster than by hand and you can vary the fillings endlessly: mushrooms, cheese, beef, chicken ... Then it's up to you to complete your kit with accessories sold individually to make less classic pasta: pappardelles, angel hair or reginettes.


The pasta dryer

The pasta dryer is useful for long pasta. Prefer a removable model for a minimum space requirement in the kitchen. Although practical, the pasta dryer is not essential. You can for example dry your tagliatelle on a cloth placed on a chair back or on a hanger. You can also play it traditional like Italian mamas who stretch a broom between two chairs. Of course, make sure it is perfectly clean and flour it lightly.


A little technology: the electric dough machine

A small engine and much less effort! With an electric pasta machine, you make fresh pasta without getting tired. For example, with the dough machine Pasta creativ of Lagrange, you put all the ingredients in the tank which kneads the dough. This then passes through different molds and you cut your pasta to the desired length. The plus: the possibility of making pasta of all kinds with a single device: spaghettoni, macaroni, penne, linguine, fettuccine, tagliatelle, parpadelle. On the other hand, like any household robot, the electric pasta machine is noisy and bulky. You choose ! So, convinced? Is it a pasta party with friends this weekend?