How to cover my kitchen tiles, with a thin result?

How to cover my kitchen tiles, with a thin result?

Question from Martine

"Hello, I would like to cover my kitchen tiles but the French window, opening to the French, leaves only 2 mm of maximum space. Is it possible to paint this tile (heated floor at low temperature) and is- this sustainable? Do you have another idea? Thanks in advance for your answer. "

Answer: painting is not the best solution!

Hello Martine, you want to cover your kitchen tiles but you are only 2 mm thick between it and the opening of your French window. You have therefore thought of painting it, know that it is possible Marine, but the result will be difficult to live in time even if today the products are quite effective. You have other possibilities such as tinted concrete which is easily applied on the tiling and which remains applicable in thin thickness (from 2 mm to 6 mm maximum), or even the option of adhesive vinyl parquet boards which have a very good performance, a stunning rendering and a thickness of 1.8 mm. You too, send us your decoration question