Choosing and planting a rose bush

Choosing and planting a rose bush

A rose in a garden has an undeniable charm but choosing the right rose and planting it is not always easy when you are a novice. Certain questions must be asked before choosing a rose and some advice is good to hear. Here's what to start off on the right foot with the advice of Marc Guegen, specialist at Truffaut.

Choosing a rose: for what purpose?

The first question to ask yourself is what do you want to do with this rose bush. Do we want to climb the rose along a wall? It is then necessary to choose a climbing rose. Do we want to make it a hedge? Choose a shrub rose. Or do we want to integrate a rose bush in a massif? In this case, you should head for dwarf roses with large flowers. Whatever your choice, some roses are preferred. For example, rising varieties flower several times between June and October and this can be more pleasant in a garden (this is the case for 70% of roses). The ADR label is also important and guarantees beautiful and resistant roses.

Plant a rosebush: the first months are decisive

Planting a rose bush is fairly simple. Dry, stony soil is fine. Prefer a south-east or south-west exposure which avoids direct sun when it is at the zenith. Also choose a location sheltered from strong winds or heavy rain. Dig a hole at least 50 cm to place the root ball and add manure so that it represents 20% of the soil replaced in the hole. Make sure the manure is well mixed with the soil. Take care never to bury the grafting point and place it just at ground level. Finally remember to water well, a rose always needs water.