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A ready-to-install green roof

A ready-to-install green roof

Green roofs make a roof that is both beautiful, useful and environmentally friendly. The company Vertige® now offers ready-to-install plant carpet kits to embellish its roof while achieving energy savings.

What are Vertige® ready-to-install roofing kits?

Vertige® has developed the thinnest plant mat on the market, three times lighter than its competitors. Vertige ready-to-install green roofing benefits from an innovative technique allowing quick and easy installation of small plants on any support: concrete, ribbed steel sheets, wood, derived panels. In the end, this gives a living surface that changes appearance depending on the seasons and the flowering of plants.

What are Vertige® roofing carpets made of?

These Vertige® plant mats are composed of sedum plants, easy to maintain and very resistant to bad weather. They can be supplemented with perennials, grasses, bulbous plants and even aromatic plants. Iris, crocus, daffodils and daffodils decorate the whole and allow to transform a roof into an original hanging garden. Good to know: strawberry and chive plants thrive on Vertige carpets.

How are Vertige® roofing carpets watered?

Vertige roofing mats are equipped with an integrated watering system which allows the plants to be irrigated as needed using an autonomous control device.

How do Vertige roofing mats save energy?

Vertige® plant mats save energy because they act as thermal insulation. This reduces the air conditioning of the house in summer and the heating in winter.

In what form are Vertige® plant mats sold

Vertige® ready-to-install kits are sold on a pallet. They run like a simple carpet and the automatic watering hoses are easily connected to each other by a simple connection. Then we set up the autonomous programmer allowing to regulate the irrigation. Finally, the precultured sedum plates are placed. Thermal efficiency and aesthetic rendering are immediate! It is possible to plant up to 100 m². The installation is done from March to October. It takes two days of installation for roofs with an area of ​​approximately 100 m².

What is the cost of Vertige® roofing plant mats?

The cost varies between 50 and 100 € per m² depending on the surface. For larger areas, Vertige® professional technicians are available to individuals and businesses. They also provide a diagnostic and advisory service for the installation of roof greening. To know more :