Corten steel: the decorative advantage of gardens

Corten steel: the decorative advantage of gardens

An ultra-design material that resists everything and gains in elegance over time, do you like it? Corten steel is the garden steel par excellence: self-patinated, it resists corrosion, continues to patina over time and easily withstands the vagaries of the weather. In portal or decoration, it's up to you!

Corten steel, quézaco?

Steel is an alloy of iron and ultra-resistant carbon. His weak point? Corrosion. Corten steel is a steel to which several elements have been added, such as copper, phosphorus, chromium, nickel ... It is this alloy which forms a already oxidized surface patina, playing the role of protective layer and making the material compatible with outdoor use. And because good news never comes alone, this oxidation layer displays a pretty orange color that evolves over time: like any good patina, it improves until it reaches a red brown as chic as it is resistant!

The resistance of Corten steel for gardens

You understand, the biggest advantage of Corten steel is to offer the solidity of steel without its brittleness. The principle is almost to prematurely age the steel, hence its rusty appearance. A special feature that allows it to resist wind, rain or sun, and requires no maintenance except a layer of fixer for those who prefer to fix its color. No fear in case of shock or scratch, the patina layer heals like a big one and is reformed to hide the traces of the crime!

The decorative advantage of Corten steel outdoors

Raw, Corten steel displays a color similar to that of steel, a very classic anthracite gray. It takes one to two months to get its typical orange hue, four to six for a brick color, more than a year to adopt a nice speckled brown. And because we can receive it already oxidized or not, the object installed in a garden can change color over the months ... or not! The color obtained and the time to get there will depend, in passing, on climatic conditions: sunshine, humidity, ventilation, etc. The same Corten steel fence therefore will not age in the same way in Lille and Marseille.

What do we do with Corten steel?

Architects love the aged appearance of Corten steel on contemporary buildings, an ideal industrial touch with the cubic, minimalist or refined forms of modern buildings. Artists adore it in monumental sculptures, the angles of which skate over time. What do we do at home? We put it in the garden! On the private side, Corten steel is perfect for enhancing and modernizing gardens with gates, fences, barriers, planters, fountains… But also braziers, decorative walls, stairs, log racks, vegetable plots, borders, basins or even openwork decorative trellis! Note that the welds and folds patina more slowly, offering subtle color variations on the angles or cutouts, an asset for some and a defect for others.