6 ideas to optimize the storage of your box

6 ideas to optimize the storage of your box

1. Sort

We would like to deliver a quick fix, but no: optimize the storage of a box start by storing only what is worth storing there. Before even filling the box, we operate a good sorting in what leaves the house. Broken objects go to recycling, those that will no longer be used can be sold or given away, the rest carefully packed.

2. Choose the right containers

The secret of a tidy box is the box! Objects grouped in trunks, cases or covers take up less space, clear the space and are easier to find. As for choosing them, we prefer as much as possible clear plastic boxes with cover, of similar sizes to be able to stack them. Not only do you see the contents at a glance, but they don't fear cold or humidity and stack up more easily than cardboard boxes.
As for the shape, we adapt according to the size of the shelves or content: archive boxes, tool boxes, toy boxes ... The good idea? of the wheeled crates on which to stack others: it will suffice to roll the column to move it.

3. Organize the space

No question of piling up quickly put away a storage box, the goal is to save space by optimizing space. We start by sorting the most bulky objects, then those that are used less often: these two categories must be stored at the bottom, against the walls or high for small objects. In other words, in the least accessible places.
The extra thing? We follow suit! A fridge, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers can be converted into storage space to accommodate the old games console or children's college lessons. As for stacks of boxes or cardboard, they are also organized to place the heaviest, least fragile and least useful at the bottom of the stack.

4. Save space

All large furniture that can be dismantled must be dismantled. A table takes up half the space without its feet, flat against the wall! Be careful, however, not to lose the screws and other accessories, to keep in a sealed bag on the back of the furniture.
As for sheets, towels, duvets, clothing or other textiles, we think of vacuum bags : once the air is removed from the cover with a vacuum cleaner, they save space while protecting the fabrics from moisture, which is common in storage boxes.

5. Exploiting height

If drilling is prohibited in a rental box, mounting shelves is not very expensive, avoids drilling and allows the full height to be used. We do not hesitate to run them along an entire wall, or even several, and up to the ceiling of the storage box.
Again, no question of storing loose objects in the shelves! We favor boxes to group objects by categories and remember, we place the heaviest at the bottom of the shelves, those that we may need in the middle, the light ones rarely used at the top.

6. Label

A small detail, but of size, often forgotten in the haste of storage ... A well organized box is above all a box in which one does not spend hours searching. However when the objects are stored in boxes, it is better to provide labels!
For purists, we can even provide a color code with tape which will allow you to identify at a glance the boxes whose inscriptions should be read: pink for the kitchen, blue for the office, yellow for the toys, green for the clothes… To find the dishes, it will be enough to spot the pink scotches and then read what is noted there!