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5 tips to remove scratches on a car

5 tips to remove scratches on a car

The scratch diagnosis on a car

No need to lie, it's almost impossible to remove yourself deep stripe engraved in the bodywork. For small superficial scratches, however, yes! The thing ? We clean with a cloth then we pass the finger on the scratch to estimate its depth: if it is frankly in relief, it is deep.

Same thing if the white is visible in the scratch, in this case it has reached the priming of the bodywork and needs a more effective treatment under penalty of rusting. With a superficial micro-scratch, bobo style rather than deep cut, only the varnish is reached and the affront can be easily repaired.

1. Polish to erase scratches

This is the most suitable solution, since the polish is made for erase scratches on the body. We start by carefully cleaning the area to be treated with a cloth and then if the scratch is deep, by gently sanding with sandpaper. And when we say gently, we mean very, very delicately.

Then apply the polish on the stripe of the car in a thin layer with circular movements, and again, gently! In the absence of polish for bodywork, a polishing cream for wooden furniture, a paste blot scratch or polishing red offer identical results. And for those who bought a special scratch kit containing two products for deep scratches, we proceed in the same way with the second product supplied.

2. Erase car scratches with toothpaste

No polish on hand? We go to plane B with toothpaste, whose slightly abrasive effect can replace the classic polish. It is used in the same way, with a soft cloth impregnated with toothpaste and applied in circular motions on the stripe, without forcing or pressing too much.

3. Clay stone against scratches on the vehicle

The clay stone, also called white stone or silver stone, also plays the role Stripe-clears. After cleaning the scratch, we wrap a clean cloth on the index finger, take a small amount of product and then apply it on the scratch in circular movements. And because you can never be too careful, you repeat: smoothly, always smoothly on a car body.

4. Remove scratches on a car with cigarette ash

If there are smokers at home, good news, the cigarette ash can work miracles on small surface scratches. We roll a damp cloth into a ball, we dab it directly in the ashtray and we put it all on the scratch ... not very academic, but effective.

5. Touch-up pen for deeper scratches

The touch-up pen is used to hide a scratch on the vehicle. It is ideal if the scratch is deeper without reaching the primer, and more effective than ash… since it resists washing! The catch? Find the exact body color. To use it, the method remains more or less the same: we clean the scratch, we gently sand the area with a very fine sandpaper, then we apply the paint contained in the pen on the scratch before varnishing everything. The method is more or less the one that would apply a bodybuilder, in house version.