Interview with Sofia Antonovich, creator of the Invasions Ephémères

Interview with Sofia Antonovich, creator of the Invasions Ephémères

The Ephemeral Invasions do not fail to seduce us throughout the house! But do you know who is behind his poetic creations? invites you to discover the universe of Sofia Antonovich, creator of the brand.

Tell us about your background.

After 5 years studying graphic arts at the Met school in Penninghen in Paris, I worked as a freelance graphic designer for 2 years. Then in 2004 we had the idea, Pierre-Yves and I to create our brand "Les Invasions Ephémères" (Pierre-Yves Toudic, my companion, who is the manager of the brand). He wanted to give a smile back to the Parisians trapped in their daily traffic jams, I thought his idea was in tune with the times! So I started to create ephemeral invasions of stickers… Butterflies and dragonflies with flashy colors, intended for Parisian Vespa and Twingo.

How were the Ephemeral Invasions born?

One year later, in 2005, our Ephemeral Invasions were born, already 7 years old! The spirit of the brand was born from this meeting between our two worlds: Pierre-Yves brought his imagination and his commercial sense to it, and me my creativity. We went straight to the wall stickers, reviving through our large wall stickers in trompe l'oeil the Parisian apartments of time, their old fireplaces, headboards and moldings, through the collections "Liberty "a nostalgic and sweet universe, inspired by the Liberty prints of my childhood.

What do you offer with this brand?

The flagship patterns of the Invasions Ephémères are found on multiple supports: a wide range of wall stickers for adults and children "Made in France", collections of jewelry and fashion accessories, a line of stationery and fun and practical stickers for keys, keyboards of laptops, iPhone and Blackberry, and a whole line for the house with cushions, tea towels, pot holders and place mats ... We publish creators "favorites" who come to bring their creative universe to our collections, we like to surround ourselves with talents and make them known.

What are your favorite creations?

We have developed a line of textile fashion accessories for this season. I love the patterns we have created, the fabrics are printed in France and the print quality is remarkable. We notably released bags for laptops and iPads. I really wanted to because we never find pretty! If not for the small products "Cheap and nice", I am a fan of key stickers which allow you to find your way around in your keychain, and to give style even to your keys! Our idea is really to always have fun and beautify all the objects of our daily life. And my favorite is our textile line for babies and children, which I created while pregnant with my son Victor. Bathrobes, bibs, cushions, the best for a great birth gift!

What are your projects ?

We are creating a large community around our Facebook page. The idea is to make our page a place of exchange, as we have customers all over the world. A thousand decoration tips, tips, reductions, surprises ... I take care of it and I find it very interesting to see which products are the most popular, why people are attached to our brand ... Otherwise we are in the process of creating our new collections, which we will present at the Maison et Objet fair next September. I can't tell you more, it's secret! And our big project for the years to come is the opening of a boutique in Tokyo, because our Japanese clientele is very large.

How is your interior?

A real mix of styles! Former Parisians, we have been living for 2 years in a house in Montreuil, and are fortunate to have a beautiful garden. The house is old and we feel in the countryside, it allows us to escape when we come home in the evening after work (our offices are located in the Marais, above our Boutique-Showroom, 14 rue Commines Paris 3ème). So for our decor, it's a mixture of old and modern: furniture and objects from my antique father, mottled chairs, cushions in Jouy canvas revisited from Ephemeral Invasions posed on an Eames armchair, poppies and Eiffel Tower wall stickers Liberty print behind a contemporary sofa, flock of birds in stickers that escape to the garden…

What is your decor advice?

Let your decor reflect your personality, and dare the splashes of color! Small tips for a warm home: dim lighting and candles everywhere for romantic evenings or small dinners with friends, fresh flowers on the kitchen table, brighten up a white wall with stickers: a flight butterflies above a cradle, planes in a child's room, a headboard in the bedroom, a trompe l'oeil fireplace in his living room ... Don't hesitate to drop by our Boutique-Showroom in Paris! We're here to give you all the decor advice you need. If you have photos of a room that you want to decorate with a large wall sticker, we can help and advise you in your choice! Boutique- Showroom: Les Invasions Ephémères, 14 rue Commines 75003 PARIS E-Shop: Facebook page: //