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Table linen for special occasions

Table linen for special occasions

Communion, wedding, birthday, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet up with family or friends around a festive table. If we take special care to the menu, we do not forget the decoration! There are dishes, of course, but also table linen which enhances our festive meal. Here is a summary of everything you need to know to make your table linen up to the occasion.

Lengths and styles to respect

We consider that to have a nice drop of tablecloth, it is necessary to provide 30 centimeters in length on each side of the table. It is a basic principle that the table is square, rectangle or round even if the latter can be covered for a longer time. When buying table linen for a special occasion, we often think of matching our tablecloth to our dishes (which is essential) but we must also take into account the environment. So make sure that your table linen matches the decor of the reception area so that the whole is harmonious. If your choice fell on a tablecloth with patterns, invest in this case in coordinated napkins to avoid hazardous mixtures. With a white tablecloth, however, the napkins can add a touch of color or fantasy to a very classic table.

It's all in the details

A plain tablecloth is not necessarily a sign of banality. If you remember our grandmothers' linen, white was often the rule but luxury was in the details: delicate embroidery, openwork linen or damask fabric. The other advantage of white, in addition to being refined, is that it will allow you to boil your laundry to erase all tasks. For the material, we favor the authentic with cotton, linen or mestizo which are sure values ​​and guarantee a certain resistance over time. Finally, if you want a slightly more modern touch, you can opt for the table runner. Place it in the length of the table if you have a large number of guests but it can also act as a table set by placing it in the width for a more limited number of guests.