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What flooring for my terrace?

What flooring for my terrace?

With the sun and the days getting longer, it is important to enjoy moments of relaxation outside on a beautiful terrace. To do this, there are a multitude of models that will perfectly meet your expectations in terms of patio flooring. For all styles, all uses and all tastes, the exterior floor imagines itself in different ways in order to create personalized universes.

For a Zen and nature terrace

In harmony with the nature present outside, wood is ideal for integrating into an abundant plant environment and thus creating an atmosphere between balance and well-being. There are a multitude of wood species for the layout of your terrace. In a bright and refined spirit, head for pine or spruce planks or slabs. Economic and easy to maintain, they will give a very natural appearance to the exterior. As for exotic woods, choose bankiraï and almendrillo. These wood species have the distinction of being rotproof and weather resistant for easy maintenance. The composite, meanwhile, is a combination of wood and polyethylene. Lightweight, rot-proof and easy to apply, the composite is ideal for outdoors.

For a traditional and authentic terrace

In a rustic and authentic style, adopt the traditional tiling. For an old-fashioned romantic decor, opt for natural stones. Their natural beauty and nuance of colors will sublimate your terrace and give character to the outdoors. Authenticity and naturalness will enhance your outdoor environment. This stone is available in different shapes for a tailor-made result. Resistant, non-slip and easy to maintain, the reconstituted stones contain great advantages for the outdoors. At the aesthetic level, they adapt to all your desires of shapes, colors and aspects like concrete slabs. For the best value for money, choose the pavers. You will be able to create unique and lasting decorative universes over time.

For a modern and design terrace

In a modern spirit and in tune with the times on your terrace, adopt contemporary tiles. In shades of anthracite gray, black or white, adopt glazed porcelain stoneware tiles. They will offer a modern and designer style to the exterior. In harmony with designer furniture, you will be able to create a trendy and refined space. To facilitate the installation of these tiles, there is a system of clip-on tiles. So you will lay a modern and contemporary floor in the blink of an eye for a garden revisited in all