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Video: 3 ways to create nature-style place cards

Video: 3 ways to create nature-style place cards

Seating plans are not just for weddings, and luckily! Because during large meals with family or friends, it is sometimes very useful to have determined in advance the places of the guests according to affinities or age. Long live the place cards! Precisely, invites you to discover three models with natural accents that are as beautiful as they are easy to make.

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 5 minutes Indicative cost: 10 - 20 € Necessary material : 1st way: pearls + oasis cubes + verrine + camellia leaf + pin 2nd way: napkin + decorative ribbons + camellia leaf 3rd way: tree moss + verrine + small roses like Mimi Eden roses + colored cardboard sheet + photo holder

Steps :

1st way: - Place pearls and oasis cubes in a verrine - Add a little water - Cut and place a rose in the verrine - Write the name of a guest on a camellia leaf and pin it in the verrine 2nd way: - Wrap a napkin - Cut three ribbons of the same length then wrap them around the napkin - Carefully place the end of the ribbons on the plate - Write the name of a guest on a sheet of camellia and put it down on the ribbons 3rd way: - Roll the foam before placing it in a verrine - Cut small roses and prick them in the corners of the verrine - Add a little water - Cut a small square out of a colored cardboard sheet - Write it down guest name and stuck in a photo holder planted in the verrine The decor tip: do not hesitate to use colored pens or felt-tip pens to write the names of your guests in order to add an extra touch of fantasy to the table decor! Shopping: Damascus napkin, ALINEA Creation and flowers: Watercolor