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Planting: how to choose a good corner in your garden?

Planting: how to choose a good corner in your garden?

Make your own garden

Fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants… Having your own garden is, above all, planting what you want. And today, knowing that what we eat on our plate is healthy, organic and cultivated by us is real happiness. It is also a feeling of well-being to see the fruit of our work grow. However, it is essential to find the ideal corner in your garden. Take your picks, ready, go!

Sun exposure

Essential element to take into account when you start gardening: sun exposure. It seems obvious but plants need sunlight to grow so avoid shaded areas as much as possible and favor the places most exposed to the sun.

Watch out for windy places

If it is necessary to privilege the sunny places, it is also necessary to take care not to install your vegetable garden in full draft. And if you have no choice as to where to place it, remember to plant a hedge to protect your plants. They will thank you!

Flat surface

Did you know ? A sloping surface retains water and cold. Your fruits and vegetables should therefore be planted preferably on a flat surface. If you don't have one, it's entirely possible to make a vegetable garden on the terrace by leveling the surface with a few liters of potting soil.

Sufficiently large space

If some seeds don't take up space, anticipate that they will grow ! Remember to define a space large enough for your plantations ... If you do not have a garden, a small vegetable garden of a few fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants will already do the trick. A few spices, a foot of cherry tomatoes, one or two salads and radishes and voila!

View of your plantations

It is best to have a view of your plantations from the inside. As a result, you will be able to admire your plants grow, monitor them and marvel at your vegetable patch. This provides a feeling of pride when the first fruits and vegetables are born!

Group the plants

For a practical question, we advise you to group your plants. This will make it easier for you to take care of it in particular when watering or picking

Without disturbing the neighbors

And yes, when it comes to choosing a corner for your plantations, you must not forget to take into account the neighbors. If not already, mark out your garden so that you do not plant your fruit or vegetables at the neighbor's house. Pay particular attention to choosing the right place to plant trees because it should not be that once large enough, they spoil the view of the neighbors.

Water point nearby

Finally, consider installing your vegetable patch near a body of water. Some plants need daily watering so unless you have a large garden hose that can water wherever you are in your garden, prefer a place close to a water source (in particular if you water with a watering can).