Video: stimulate flowering of roses

Video: stimulate flowering of roses

Do you want to see more flowers on your roses? To do this, you have the possibility of arching their branches in order to stimulate their flowering. This method is simple, and within the reach of experienced gardeners as well as neophytes. On the other hand, it is advisable to follow certain rules which will make it possible to embellish your garden and not to deteriorate it. Landscape designer Fernanda Volgaropoulos gives you some advice before taking action. Thanks to them, your roses will be more resplendent, and will adopt the shape you have chosen. Video demonstration!

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The rose, symbolic flower

It's no secret that the rose is the symbol of love. By choosing its color and the quantity of flowers that you place in a bouquet, you can send a very specific message to the chosen one of your heart. Thus, the custom wants that 36 red flowers are used to declare its flame. The peculiarity of the rose is its ability to constantly renew its flowers, to the delight of gardeners. There are thousands of varieties of roses, and 100 to 200 species of roses. These fall into four different categories called: - Plathyrhodon, - Hesperhodos, - Hulthemia, - Eurosa. Do not worry, the method of Fernanda Volgaropoulos can be applied to any type of rose, regardless of the species to which it belongs.

Arch your roses

Did you know that the flowering of your rose can be multiplied by three? The solution lies in arching your plant to better circulate the sap. You can do this in two different ways. The first consists of attaching a roller to the end of a string that you will have attached to the top of the rod. Hanging in the void, the pebble will pull the top of the rose toward the ground, giving it a rounded shape. Alternatively, you can simply tie the end of a branch to the main stem, still using twine. Arching your roses can allow you to control their shape, but also and above all to multiply the flowers thanks to better circulation of the sap. Thanks to these tips, your garden will be all the more beautiful! Find Having more flowers on a rose on Produced by Minute Facile. Something new in your garden and on your balcony? Celebrate the return of spring, post your photos on the forum