These trendy patterns and prints that make us melt

These trendy patterns and prints that make us melt

1. Wax prints

This is the trend to follow closely in 2020! And for good reason, the famous fabric of African origin will be everywhere the next seasons. With these cheerful colors and ethnic patterns, it exudes good humor and warmth to any interior. As you can see, we already love the wax prints that we gladly adopt on cushions, rugs, suspensions or better, on a wall panel thanks to a strip of wallpaper.

2. Flower patterns

For a country house, romantic or vintage decor, floral patterns always have their greatest effect indoors. Mini or maxi version, bucolic or exotic ... The possibilities are endless to hatch your favorite flowers at home. If liberty remains timeless, bet on flowers in XXL format for a more modern result. One watchword: flower power is yours!

3. The gross formwork effect

Waxed concrete effect print, false brick or stone wall, OSB or cork style, in a marble or terrazo spirit ... Natural and unworked materials are still on the forefront of the decor scene. The principle is simple: play the trompe l'oeil with a wallpaper or accessories with raw formwork prints!

4. The grid

Graphic, minimalist and refined, the grid patterns give rhythm to the decor. The eyes being automatically attracted, they awaken the recesses of a room sometimes neglected or forgotten. The grid can be played modern when the lines are fine and refined or rather traditional like the English tiles. You understand that the grid is associated with all interior styles!

5. The jungle inspiration

Palm leaves, flowers and exotic fruits ... All the plants found in the jungle are in favor of a tropical style. On the animal side, if the pink flamingo, the parrot or the toucan have been talked about in recent years, it seems that a feline has taken hold of the jungle trend: the leopard. And whether you like it or not, you have to admit that the leopard print is always a great ally to give character to your interior.

6. Art Deco spirit

Do you dream of an interior with a decor that is both eccentric and elegant? It is possible with the Art Deco style. You just have to see the flagship patterns of this fashionable style to understand all its nuances. With geometric shapes that give the impression of being in motion, deep and intense colors and golden imprints for the touch of delicacy ... No doubt the Art Deco prints and patterns play it modern but chic!