Install an antenna splitter

Install an antenna splitter

Distribute all DTT or satellite channels on all the TVs in the house in a few moments and for barely ten euros, it is possible thanks to the antenna splitter. Installing an antenna splitter is very simple. By following a few tips, each room in the house can be connected to the network of TV channels.

Install an antenna splitter: follow the wire precisely

The first instruction when launching into the installation of an antenna splitter, is to carefully consider with certainty and precision all of the fabric and the network to be formed. Indeed, it is a question of determining the arrival of the main wire, the place where to place the distributor, a small cube which is fixed with a few screws and knowing where we then want to look at the different screens. When acquiring the distributor, it is also advisable to provide antenna cables and ferrules of different kinds.

Installing an antenna splitter: wiring in detail

Ready to proceed with the installation, the individual must have a simple electric pliers, a screwdriver and fixing hooks. The ideal is to embed the various cables in the walls. However, discretion can also be envisaged by a system of angles and chutes. In this case, you have to be extra careful. If certain connections require cutting the cables and connecting them to the end caps, this operation should always be carried out when the latter are not connected. The antenna network is distributed by an electrical pulse. It is therefore preferable to be careful in handling and to connect everything last.