Video: using a grelinette in your garden

Video: using a grelinette in your garden

Do you like gardening and wonder what a grelinette is? You are a follower of ecological culture and you want to work with this new tool respectful of nature? Dalila Ollivier, landscaper, gives you all the information you need to easily use a grelinette. Discover his explanations on video!

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The grelinette: definition

A very functional gardening tool, the grelinette gives you the possibility of working your soil without turning over the layers. Your work is therefore done in a natural way, and the microbial life of the soil is not affected. In addition to being pleasant, the grelinette is very easy to use. Dalila shows you how to do it.

How to use a grelinette?

The grelinette is a simple and ergonomic tool. Place the spikes on the ground, and push them down by pressing on the base provided for this purpose with your foot. Once they are well in the ground, pull the two handles towards you and swing them on each side to extract the spikes from the ground. During this operation, take care to keep your back straight so as not to injure yourself.

The advantages of the grelinette

The grelinette is a functional tool that makes your gardening work easier. It allows you to work in peace, without pollution. On the other hand, in addition to respecting your well-being, it also respects that of your soil. Finally, its ease of use does not require any particular strength. It can be used by men as well as by women, and even by adolescents over 14 years of age.


If you want to maintain your flowerbed while respecting your soil, the grelinette is the ideal tool. Ergonomic and usable by the whole family, it is an essential tool. In addition, it's ecological! Watch the Grelinette jardin video: use a grelinette on