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Protect a gutter

Protect a gutter

Protect the gutter on the roof

To protect yourself against the accumulation of leaves, install a perforated screen that installs along the entire length of the gutter. You find them from € 4 per meter. Even cheaper, the gutter pan. It is an object with a spider shape and which is inserted at the birth of the gutter to prevent the leaves from obstructing the downspouts. Its price, 3 euros. However, be careful to clean the strainer regularly so as not to obstruct the passage.

Protect the gutter descent

There are common sense solutions, such as not resting a ladder on the gutter so as not to damage it, especially if it is made of PVC, which is more fragile. To do this, you can fix a front spacer on the ladder. If you are using scaffolding, make sure that it does not rest on the downpipe. If your gutter faces the street, it is more subject to the risk of wear and tear from pedestrians. You can therefore protect the descent by installing a duct protector resistant to shocks and temperature variations. Still count around fifty euros. Finally, you can insert a dolphin at the bottom of the gutter. It is a hose that attaches down the gutter down to the drainage system. It is very resistant because it is generally made of cast iron, steel or zinc-titanium.