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Build a bioclimatic house

Build a bioclimatic house

Owning a house is good; having one that doesn't harm the environment is better. Especially if your home allows you to save money. If you are attached to ecology and your savings, your solution: the bioclimatic house.

What is a bioclimatic house?

Bioclimatic architecture consists in making the most of the environment, of the land on a site to build a house with the most natural architecture possible. That is to say using the energies (solar, wind, etc.) of the land. Example: you want to protect yourself from the wind? Instead of building a concrete wall, consider planting conifers if you are in the North or hardwoods in the South to cut the wind.

Bioclimatic house: capturing energy

The first energy is the sun. In the northern hemisphere, in winter, only the southern facade of a building receives sunlight. It is therefore on these southern facades that large openings must be installed. If you opt for solar panels, it is in the South direction that they should be oriented. In windy regions, you can replace the solar panels with a wind turbine.

Bioclimatic house: conserving and diffusing energy

The diffusion of heat first passes through colors! Consider painting your wooden floors (excellent insulation) dark (black or blue) to capture the heat. On the contrary, favor light colors for the ceilings to best distribute the heat.