Renovate exposed beams

Renovate exposed beams

It is often necessary to proceed in several stages to renovate exposed beams, however the manner of proceeding depends on the condition of the beams to be renovated. It is therefore better to make a diagnosis: the visible beams to be renovated can be painted, varnished or simply dirty, finally certain parts can be worm-eaten or cracked.

Prepare the exposed beams to renovate

Before starting the renovation, remove the nails, screws and staples from the exposed beams to be renovated. If some parts are damaged, they can be removed with an adze taking care not to touch the healthy parts of the beams.

Strip the beams

Stripping is a step that removes damaged varnishes, stains or paints. Always protect the floor and any furniture, then apply a paint stripper using the brush, following the instructions on the packaging. For old paints, you can also do a thermal stripping using a blowtorch: you have to choose a large diffuser nozzle and pass the flame over the old paint without insisting too long. We finish by scraping the paint with a spatula or a wire brush.

Clean the beams

Once exposed, the beams can be sanded to rid them of impurities and give a more regular appearance to the wood. Then comes the leaching of the beams to remove the last traces of paint, dust and traces of grease. Again, cover the floor before cleaning the beams with soapy water and a brush. Once dry, apply a fungicide product using a brush and allow to dry.

Repair beams

Wood can crack or become hollow, it is enough to fill them with wood pulp to renovate the visible beams. This paste exists in several colors and hardens as it dries. It is possible to leave the beams in the rough. They can also be painted, stained or varnished according to tastes and desires.