A playful room for baby

A playful room for baby

Baby has just been born, it is the beginning of a great adventure for him ... In the first months of his life, he will spend many hours lying in his crib, time for him to observe this new universe that is his room. Make up an attractive and fun room for him!

The ceiling decoration

If you want to arouse the curiosity of your baby, it is a decoration that will enliven the ceiling that you will have to favor! So you can opt for fluorescent stickers in the shape of stars to reconstruct the sky above him, also think of the night lights which will project soft and playful decorations, and hang small delicate decorations or simply mobile light that will come alive at the slightest breeze, unless you activate a mobile with endearing and colorful characters yourself.

A suitable wall decoration

Attractive decoration does not mean flashy colors! The baby room must above all be a place that inspires rest, softness and security. For a playful decoration, opt for a single section of wall with multicolored decorations. The rest of the room must remain sober and pastel. To make a section of the wall fun, play for example with patterned wallpapers .

Playful furniture

Of course, you will find many collections of furniture in soft colors and very childish looks that will harmoniously dress your baby's room. But the furniture that will really serve your baby is both where he can fall asleep easily, and where he can lie down while looking at the world around him. For that, think of baby hammocks !