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Difficult to choose a blind from the wide range of the market. Indoor or outdoor blind? Manual or motorized? Here is some information to help you find your ideal shade.

Choosing an indoor blind

The best known, the Venetian blind, allows to precisely dose the desired light. The awning closes in an elegant pleated. The Japanese blind is in the form of panels that can completely hide the light. The pleated blind protects from the sun, as does the blind with vertical strips. The roller blind must be kept out of the reach of children to avoid accidents. These blinds are available in several materials such as wood, the most expensive or PVC, the cheapest but which tarnishes in the sun. The fabric and aluminum, they adapt to any room in the house.

Choose an outdoor blind

In canvas, the external blinds are divided into two categories: fixed blinds and mobile. Among the fixed blinds, let us quote the fixed stretched canvas, visible on the restaurant terrace and the basket and canopy blind, more an object of decoration than real sun protection. On the side of the mobile blinds, the awning is ideal for shade. The classic vertical blind adapts to all windows. Also worth knowing: the sunshade, ideal for bay windows.

Choose a manual or motorized blind?

A blind can be activated in two ways: manually, using a crank for example, or via a motorized system. The choice here is a matter of personal comfort and budget, manual blinds being cheaper than motorized. Among these, you will find the blinds activated by a switch or a remote control, but also the blinds with solar sensor, wind sensor, or rain sensor (the blind folds and unfolds automatically according to the intensity of the sun, the wind or rain).