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Video: cut begonias

Video: cut begonias

Do you want to multiply the flowers in your garden, but you don't know what to do? Fernanda Voulgaropoulos, landscaper, gives you tips for cutting begonias. Cuttings are a technique used to multiply plants. From an isolated plant fragment, it allows you to give birth to new shoots. Fernanda shows us the advantages of cuttings according to the characteristics of begonias, and explains how to do it. Follow his advice, on video!

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Begonia, a flower synonymous with cordiality

While the rose is symbolically associated with love, the begonia is more related to friendship and cordiality. Its name was assigned to it by the French botanist Charles Plumier in the XVII century, in homage to the governor of Saint-Dominique, Michel Bégon. The begonia benefits from a generous flowering, and is available in around 900 varieties. They can mainly be found in South America, Southeast Asia, or even in tropical Africa.

Multiply your begonias with cuttings

Cuttings allow you to easily reproduce begonias. You just have to take a part of the plant (a cutting), and use it to allow a new shoot to be born. It is advisable to carry out the cuttings between the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

Cutting a begonia: a simple and effective operation

First, take a begonia branch and cut off its large leaves. Just keep the stem and the leaf at the end. Put it inside a jar in which you will have poured half a centimeter of water. In the container, also insert a piece of charcoal. The latter will prevent bacteria from growing and will eliminate bad odors. After closing the jar, you will have created a mini greenhouse. Take care to place it in the shade so that your plant does not die of heat. Generally, after ten days, roots will have developed in the water. You will then be able to plant your begonia cuttings in the ground. You will only have to take care of it, while waiting for its flowering. Now it's your turn! Watch the video Bouturer ses begonias on Produced by Minute Facile. Something new in your garden and on your balcony? Celebrate the return of spring, post your photos on the forum