Assemble a kit kitchen

Assemble a kit kitchen

Before assembling a kitchen in a kit, it is better to make sure that all the boxes are there, by sorting and numbering them according to the elements they contain: doors, boxes, accessories, etc. The assembly operation can then begin under the direction of the instructions provided.

Assemble a kit kitchen: the boxes first

The first step is to mount the boxes and install them in the locations provided, on the walls or on the floor, ensuring in this case a good leveling. For fixing to the walls, dowels and metal claws are provided, but we will not forget to fix the boxes between them thanks to the bulls. Once this step is completed (in a few hours), it is better to check that everything is in agreement before moving on.

The kitchen takes shape…

We can then proceed to the assembly of drawers, rails and other spinners, just before setting up the sink then the worktop, and fixing everything. This is the time when cooking really takes shape. The next steps are to hook up the sink, install the appliances and the hood, and of course check that everything is working.

Assemble a kit kitchen: the splashback to finish

The goal is near! Panels, doors and drawers can be removed from the boxes. Finishing panels and plinths complete the set. It then only remains to install the credenza and possibly some accessories such as spots. And it's done! Assembling a kitchen in a kit takes time, but poses (theoretically) no particular problem for good DIY enthusiasts.