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Install a ceiling on a simple framework

Install a ceiling on a simple framework

Installing a ceiling on a simple framework (trellis or set of profiles forming a grid that will support the plates) is the easiest way to renovate a room by placing thermal and sound insulation, then decorative plates that will give a second youth on the ceiling, not to mention that one can thus conceal pipes or electrical or light installations.

Installation preparation

The ceiling can be installed at various heights depending on the length of the lines chosen. In a corner of the room, mark the planned ceiling height on the wall, to which the thickness of the plasterboard is added. Using a level, you draw a reference line around the entire perimeter of the room.

Installation of hangers and furring strips

A first hanger will be placed at each angle, at least 10 cm from the wall, then it will be adjusted according to the line on the wall. We then screw one by one all the lines on the joists, with a maximum of 60 cm in between and aligning them with the string. Then place the furs (profiles) which are simply clipped onto the lines and are connected to each other with fishplates (connecting elements between two furs).

Installation of insulation and plates

The insulation will be placed against the ceiling and between the lines, then the decoration plates are fixed with screws. Then apply sealant between the edges, moisten a calico strip on both sides, then it will be laid and mounted for better adhesion. Finally, a layer of plaster is ironed at least 12 hours later, and it is smoothed with a coating knife.