The next Neighbors Day is June 1st!

The next Neighbors Day is June 1st!

June 1 will be the thirteenth edition of the Fête des Voisins. An event which brings together each year the inhabitants of the same building or the same district and which today extends to the world of business. Atanase Périfan, creator of the Fête des Voisins, tells us more.

What is the purpose of the Neighbors Day?

The Fête des Voisins aims to strengthen local ties, to develop the feeling of belonging to the same district and to mobilize against exclusion and isolation. I am convinced that the social bond also passes through neighborhood solidarity. This celebration is a moment of sharing, conviviality and exchange, in response to the gloomy mood and growing individualism.

How to go about organizing a Neighbors Day?

It's simple and doesn't require any special skills. You just have to want it! Then, you locate a place: a courtyard, a garden, a building hall or the sidewalk of a street if there is no other space available. In a word, an easy-to-access place, ideal for gathering in several buildings or pavilions. Then, you must warn the neighbors and putting up posters and distributing invitations that one obtains in the town halls, the HLM organizations partners of the operation or by downloading them from the site On the poster, you indicate the time and place of the aperitif. And you distribute the invitations in the mailboxes and under the doors. Do not hesitate to talk about it as directly with your neighbors, your caretaker or your co-ownership trustee.

And who is responsible for what at the Fête des Voisins?

Everyone brings something and we put everything in common. This is an opportunity to show off your culinary and cocktail talents, for example. And in a building or a neighborhood where different nationalities rub shoulders, everyone can prepare a specialty and, why not, then share the recipes. All ideas are welcome: musical atmosphere, raffle, competition ...

Is it possible to get decoration in the colors of the Neighbors Day?

If you register your Neighbors' Day on the site with sufficient details of their party project, we will send you balloons and t-shirts. It is also possible, for Parisians, to collect it from Monday to Friday at the following address: 1 rue Descombes, Paris 17th. Phone. 01 43 80 63 80. But it's up to everyone to imagine the decoration they want. And if there are fans of decoration, it's time to let your creativity express itself: color theme, bohemian spirit, country spirit, guinguette spirit, Creole, African, Russian atmosphere ... anything is possible. There are no limits to the imagination.

How many people are there at the Neighbors Day?

It is a bit early to say for 2012. But in 2011, there were 200,000 Neighbors' Fairs organized in France, which represents 6.7 million participants, and 855 town halls and partner donors. And in Europe, there were 12 million participants. A total of 33 countries participated in the Neighbors Day.

What are the new features for the Neighbors Day in 2012?

This year, we are launching the Neighbors at Work Festival. Its objective is to promote "better living together" at your workplace by organizing convivial meeting moments around a breakfast, an aperitif or a buffet, with the company's employees or in inviting neighboring businesses. The FACE Foundation and its network of 4000 companies is the co-founder of the Fête des Voisins au Travail. The launch will take place on June 1 at noon on the forecourt of La Défense in Paris, the first European business district. We are also organizing for the first time the Festival of Future Neighbors. This first edition will be held at the Stationery, in Corbeil-Essonne, the site of a future housing program built by Bouygues Immobilier. The idea is to put people in the middle of the concrete. So people who bought off plan will get to know each other. Finally, another novelty this year, a partnership around sorting waste with the yellow bins of Eco-Emballage. The household packaging collection agency will distribute yellow bags and magnets recalling the sorting instructions. To know more :