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Put the washing machine in the kitchen

Put the washing machine in the kitchen

When you don't have a laundry room and the bathroom is too small, why not install the washing machine in the kitchen? An effective solution when there is a lack of space for which some rules must nevertheless be respected!

A question of space

Of course, the ideal parts for installing the washing machine are the laundry room and the bathroom. But when you run out of space, any remedy is welcome! In this case, the kitchen, the other water feature in the house, is particularly suitable for accommodating this type of installation since it includes electrical lines but above all, supply and evacuation pipes for 'water. To great ills, great remedies !

The rules to respect

The only problem with choosing the washing machine in the kitchen is the smell of food and meals. To minimize this inconvenience and ensure perfect cohabitation between our laundry and the world of cooking, it is essential to follow a few rules. First, we run the machine well before or after our culinary preparations, in the morning before leaving for work, for example. Second, the dirty laundry basket and the dryer where bed cover and clothes will be hung must remain in the bathroom. This prevents our belongings from being impregnated with any odor!