Test: Cook Idol from Samsung

Test: Cook Idol from Samsung

After having literally drooled in front of the Cook Idol at the Samsung party, the brand kindly offered to send me one for me to test it.
After several manipulations, I think I have seen the trick, especially since its size is rather reduced. Anyway, today I have an opinion on this portable induction table that I hasten to share with you, giving you the positive and negative points of the Cook Idol.

Good points

- Design: Samsung hit the nail on the head with this induction hob that almost looks like a tablet. Its design is completely in tune with the times and the colors change from the eternal basic black even if it also exists in black, since it is in this color that I received it. - Controlled power: my mother already having a portable induction hob, I could compare with another model and realize that this hob allows very gentle baking, essential for example to melt chocolate. The other plate, even at minimum power, heats up too much. - Silence: another observation by comparing the plates, the Samsung Cook Idol is silent. Its fan is rather discreet (you can hear it on the video below) while that on my mother's plate makes a terrible noise.

Negative points

- Programs not always intuitive: even with the manual, I have not managed to understand how to start the delayed start normally available on this plate. Besides the manual is sometimes abstract, there are certain errors that must be corrected by trial and error. - The hesitant controlled boiling: the boiling program makes it possible to lower the temperature automatically as soon as the water boils. In reality it must be a preprogrammed time for boiling, both to heat 50 cl of water and several liters. Suddenly, with my 50 cl, I waited several minutes before the power was automatically reduced. - The price: it is the black point of the plate since it is worth 399 € while most of the other portable induction plates are around 70 €, nevertheless this one offers services which are quite advanced. And finally, the best for last, a video test (with my mother's feet as a guest star!).