La Cornue, creator of flavors

La Cornue, creator of flavors

In recent years, the heart of the house, the kitchen is a complex and extraordinary place. Water, fire, cold, ventilation, utensils, food are skillfully brought together to form a home where know-how and emotion reign. It is in this universe that La Cornue creations flourish, which range from the stove to the refrigerator, including furniture and the wine cellar. If the range is wide, it is above all the stoves that have contributed to the reputation of the French brand. Today, they are acclaimed by the most demanding food lovers, stars and anonymous alike.

Three generations, one passion

It was Albert Dupuy, a former perfumer but above all an inventor, who embarked on the manufacture of a roasting pan in 1908. Its particularity? An arched shape that allows maximum use of the natural circulation of hot air in the oven. The result ? Juicy and tasty dishes thanks to an ideal cooking environment. Without knowing it, he comes at the same time to invent the gas stove! This is the start of the La Cornue adventure, which will take a new turn with the arrival of André, Albert's son, at the head of the company. A true visionary, he propelled La Cornue into modern times, taking advantage of the advent of the household arts in France. The models evolve and diversify, without ever losing their quality. Xavier, Albert's grandson, succeeded his father in 1985. He then began the great work of opening up to the international market, with success. The French art of living still has a bright future ahead of it, and continues to seduce all over the world: La Cornue is a brand recognized and appreciated in France and beyond its borders!

A complete offer

Choosing La Cornue means offering yourself the possibility of having a fully equipped kitchen, with exceptional furniture and appliances. The brand is indeed the first and only one to offer the complete realization of prestigious kitchens, stoves, furniture, ventilation, refrigerators, wine cellars, preparation tables and utensils. Called "Culinary Architecture", this concept aims to give acclaim to the kitchen and make it the heart of life in the house. This global solution is in addition to the already comprehensive catalog of the brand. La Cornue shows us more than ever that tradition knows how to adapt perfectly to its time.