Choose a thermodynamic CMV

Choose a thermodynamic CMV

Ventilation system essential to allow a renewal of the ambient air in a dwelling, the VMC is declined under many kinds (single flow, double flow, gas, etc.). Among these different types, thermodynamic CMV is one of the systems that has proven to be among the most effective. Here are some tips for choosing the right thermodynamic VMC.

How thermodynamic CMV works

Presented as the most efficient dual-flow CMV model, thermodynamic CMV is based on the combination of a heat pump and a heat exchanger. This device makes it possible both to heat the air entering in winter thanks to the recovery of calories, but also to cool it in summer to deliver fresh air to all the rooms of the house. In addition to being fresh, this air will also be dehumidified.

Advantages of thermodynamic CMV

Thanks to its double flow system, the thermodynamic CMV makes it possible to avoid heat losses due to the ventilation of the air, and thus to achieve savings in consumption. Please note, however, this advantage will only be valid if the home is a so-called "low consumption" or "passive" home, that is to say benefiting from very good insulation and perfect water tightness. air. If these two conditions are not met, the investment in a thermodynamic CMV may not be optimal.