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Video: caring for carnations

Video: caring for carnations

You have planted carnations but you don't know how to maintain them? True symbols of passion and sadness, they require special care to preserve their beauty. Fabien Lahetjuzan of enlightens you on the subject. His tips apply as much to an indoor plant as to an outdoor one. Watch the video, and make sure your next successful flowering!

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Carnation, a popular flower

The carnation is a flower with toothed petals, the color of which can vary between red, white and purple. But this does not change the way the plant should be maintained. Almost as popular as the rose, it can be used in making bouquets and wreaths.

Caring for your carnation

Although the carnation is an outdoor plant, it is quite possible to plant it indoors, until the good weather returns. In this case, it is essential to reconstruct the conditions from which it would benefit outdoors, starting with light and water. Thus, it is advisable to place the plant near a window or under a lamp, and water it every morning using a sprayer, to imitate the morning dew.

Restoring beauty to a faded carnation

As with all plants, the flowers of the carnation come to wilt. To restore its shine, you can remove the faded petals by gently pulling on them. The plant will do the rest to regain its beauty. It is the same for the leaves. If some are damaged, cut them at the base of the stem using scissors.

Replanting a carnation

On the return of sunny days and warmer temperatures, it is advisable to replant the carnation in your garden. For this, you can grab the plant at the base of the stem and gently remove it from the pot. Then put it back in a natural substrate. Be careful, once the carnation is in the ground, you no longer have the opportunity to repot it. You now have all the keys to take care of a carnation. Now say goodbye to poor flowering! Watch the video Flower care: carnations on Produced by Minute Facile. Something new in your garden and on your balcony? Celebrate the return of spring, post your photos on the forum