Plant ornamental shrubs

Plant ornamental shrubs

Planting ornamental trees and shrubs requires following a few rules so that plants develop well. Procedure to follow so as not to be mistaken

When to plant ornamental shrubs?

The ideal time to plant new ornamental trees is between late October and late March. But you can plant them later in the season, during the spring. You will simply need to water your young trees more frequently.

How to plant ornamental shrubs?

When planting your tree or shrub, do not hesitate to remove the ends of the damaged branches or to cut some damaged roots. Ideally, dig the hole - 60 to 80 cm deep - two to three weeks before planting so that the soil is aerated. Consider making a hole large enough for the roots to spread out. The bottom of the hole should be loose to provide good drainage. Place the tree, spreading the roots well. Mix the good soil that remains out of the hole with compost, manure, fertilizer or planting soil and fill the hole with this mixture. Then tamp with your feet.

Some advice from professionals

Water your young trees and shrubs frequently and abundantly. Never put the roots in direct contact with compost or manure. It could burn them. Compost, manure, fertilizer and planting soil are crucial for good plant development. Choose natural products. Remember to mulch the foot of your beds and ornamental trees. This will help protect plants from freezing, save watering by conserving moisture better, and limit weed growth. To know more :