Detaching a waxed piece of furniture

Detaching a waxed piece of furniture

To prevent a stain from becoming encrusted on a piece of waxed wood and becoming much more complicated to clean, nothing beats a piece of absorbent paper or paper towel applied on the stain to make it disappear. However, some brands persist either because they stick to wood or because they damaged the wax cover. But solutions also exist.

Against stains of liquid on a piece of furniture…

If drops of water have left a dark mark on a waxed piece of furniture, passing a cloth soaked in turpentine or linseed oil may be enough to brown the wood. If it is a drink such as tea or coffee, use soapy water. As for alcohol at 90 ° C buffered with a cloth, it will certainly be the most effective means against ink stains.

Against wax stains on a piece of furniture…

A candle placed on a waxed piece of furniture presents an obvious risk of spillage. If drops of wax are found on the wood, the best tip is to put paper towels on the stain. Then by heating the wax with an iron or a hair dryer, it will regain a more liquid consistency and will be absorbed by the paper.

Against grease or paint stains on a piece of furniture…

Applying Sommières soil to the stain will absorb the fat. By letting it sit for a few hours, all you have to do is wax it afterwards so that the furniture is completely clean. The waxing operation is necessary after all operations on a piece of furniture of this type. It is the best protection against dirt.