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Removing rust from metallic objects

Removing rust from metallic objects

Humidity + metal = rust. This obviousness is often known to all, but the solutions to remedy it are sometimes more difficult to find. However, simple methods to implement exist. Some use arm strength and others use outside products.

Mechanics to remove rust

If you have a rust-damaged metal blade or surface, just pick up a metal file or brush and scrub. This technique has proven itself even if it requires a lot of energy. To avoid getting tired, the brush can be attached to a drill that does the work for you. In the case where a baking sheet for example is rusty, it is better to use a sheet of aluminum foil rubbed against the attacked parts. A third possibility exists with the use of medium grain sandpaper.

Chemical to remove rust

Without getting to the use of very corrosive or dangerous products, rust on metallic objects can be attacked by materials that everyone finds at home. For example, a few drops of lime added to a pinch of salt may do the trick. By leaving to act then by rubbing the metal surface with a sponge, the traces of rust should disappear. Same thing with sparkling sodas. It is possible to immerse metal pipes or small objects in this drink which also avoids the reformation of rust. Finally, chemicals exist like hydrochloric acid. After having sanded and degreased the rusty part, the product can be applied to the metal object. If you are coming to these methods, it is important to think about protecting your eyes and skin.