The decor has humor

The decor has humor

The decor has chosen to play the humor card, with offbeat shapes, funny inscriptions ... Discover our selection of unusual or wacky objects, which provoke a smile.

Offset shapes

A pedestal table with feet in the shape of eagle's paws or an eyecup for an owl-shaped door blinking at Fleux. A wall hook in the shape of a pan inlaid on the wall or a thumbs up hand at Arteum. A coffee table whose four legs remind us of those of a dog at the Cherry on the decor or a lamp in the shape of a bowler hat at La Chaise Longue. You understood, the common point of all these accessories is to create the surprise! Thanks to their quirky and humorous shapes, they infuse a touch of humor and originality inside…

Fun inscriptions

To the funny shapes are added the funny inscriptions. Imagine a doormat on which would be written "Oh no! Not you again" ("Oh no! Not yet you!") Or a carafe of water on which we could read "love potion", "magic potion" or " elixir of youth "to find at Pied de Poule. A decor full of humor that can quickly be contagious…