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Treat tools against rust

Treat tools against rust

It's always when you need your tools the most that you notice that they are damaged, rusted or oxidized. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, tips exist, which are easy to put into practice.

Fight against the humidity of your tools

The first rule to observe to protect your blades and other tools from rust is to store them in a dry place. Avoiding leaving them lying around overnight in a garden is, for example, a basic measure. As well as wiping them well after use and not leaving green waste - grass, leaves, soil ... - by passing a cloth over the metal parts. Once they have found their case, the tools can still be victims of moisture. To avoid this, it is recommended to place grains of rice or school chalk in the tool storage. The idea is first to disinfect and dry the toolbox well, then fill the bottom with a layer of rice which will absorb the moisture.

Chemical treatment of tools

Anti-rust products help prevent oxidation of metal tools. Regular maintenance of these devices with, for example, anti-rust paint may be helpful. On the other hand, substances also exist to prevent corrosion. To apply them, it is necessary to degrease and clean the metal tool concerned. Then with a brush, the product can be spread: it will create a kind of protective film on the blade. After application, it is important to rinse the treated tools.