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What is a foodista?

What is a foodista?

If you know what a fashionista is, consider that the foodista is its equivalent in the kitchen.

A foodi-quoi?

If you don't know what a fashionista is, we really start from far away. But you are lucky, today I have the courage to go into detailed explanations. Good more or less pushed since I actually found a definition on Wikipedia, which is also quite cruel. The term fashionista would have been created by Stephen Fried, an American essayist, who would have wanted to include all the fanatics and extremists of fashion. So it’s not very glorious at the outset to be considered a fashionista. But in common parlance, this word has gained a broader meaning to define anyone who lives fashion as a true passion. , the foodista is therefore a young woman who devotes a real cult to cooking, but also to everything that is on the periphery of this universe. She likes to cook as much as to go to restaurants, she invests in many kitchen utensils but always keeping as a fundamental principle that the object must be as beautiful as it is functional, she loves culinary innovations both industrial and artisanal and she takes care of the present his plate in the same way as his outfit. She may seem superficial like the fashionista but she is especially very endearing. His goal is to have fun as much as to please others through his cuisine.

Farida the foodista

Note that since April 25, the foodista now has a book dedicated to her. Farida, journalist and host on Cuisine TV (now Cuisine Plus), has just published "Les coups d'food de Farida, Confidences d'une foodista à Paris". By reading this book, you will know absolutely everything he knows about a foodista: what she likes to eat, how she likes to eat it, what to have in her cupboards, how to dress to cook, what that it is necessary to buy in it-utensils and especially the essential addresses of the foodista in Paris (and this is where I complain because I am not Parisian and I cannot therefore take advantage of these small treasures).
There are obviously some enticing recipes in this book but I will not criticize them because I may not be objective. Imagine that Farida, as beautiful as she was charming, sent me an email a few months ago to warn me of the release of her book, announcing that she was talking about the Electroméninges blog inside.
Already it is a great honor for me to be cited in a book because the writings remain but also because I find myself at the top of the foodistic trendiness! How can I tell you, all these years of disappointment spent watching people from afar, too good, too good for me. Today I'm taking my revenge! I am finally the one to follow and no longer the one who crawls. Yes, I'm connected! Okay, in appliances and kitchen utensils, but still. I'm a bit like the Julie Delpy of the hand mixer, I don't know if you really realize! Today I have the book in my hands, accompanied by a dedication by Farida and I only regret one thing, no longer living in Paris! At the same time, Farida, I send you this very special message to tell you that the day the foodista invites herself to Lyon, I am ready and ready to collaborate with you! So long live the foodista, and especially the one who loves Electroméninges! Farida, Farida's food blows, Confidences of a foodista in Paris, Chêne editions, 176 pages, € 19.90