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Repair a tap

Repair a tap

A problem with the faucet handles: accessing the junction between the base and the handle

If drops form at the faucet handles, the problem is surely due to the valve seal which allows water to pass or block. To tackle this part of the tap, you must shut off the water and drain the system. Then, to remove the head from the handle, simply remove the screw which is most often located under the colored pads indicating the water temperature (red and blue). Finally, access the seat of the valve seal by removing the handle shaft with an adjustable wrench. Two elements remain to be checked: the seal between the base of the valve and the pin removed on one side; the valve seat on the other. This may require running in using a lapping machine fitted with a threaded rod for cleaning the thread.

A leak at the valve neck: change the O-rings

A tap can also leak from the swan neck. This nut is located between the base of the tap and the bent pipe through which the water passes. To undo it, it is not necessary to cut off the water. On the other hand, it is advisable to undo the head of the handles to facilitate the maneuver. Equipped with an adjustable wrench, simply unscrew the nut and then remove the two seals, called "O-rings", which are located at its end. Often it may be advisable to clean the end of the pipe before resting the seals on it. After this manipulation, all you have to do is connect the hose to the base and put the handles back in place.