Which shelf to choose for the living room?

Which shelf to choose for the living room?

To choose the shelves that will perfectly suit your living room, it is, above all, necessary to determine for what purposes these shelves should be used! What do you want to store there? What do you want to exhibit there? What do you like to highlight in your living room decoration? Only after having defined all this, it will be a question of finding the shelves which are suitable for all of your style of decoration: rather classic, nature, design, refined…?

Store to display or store to hide?

The living room is the center of the house, the main room of life and conviviality and that is why it must have an impeccable and personal style of decoration, an atmosphere that suits you. The open shelves you will therefore be essential: they will be there to help you decorate your living room by exhibiting decorative objects and personal effects that you like and want to highlight. It can be beautiful works, music CDs, souvenir trinkets or even photos. On the contrary, we all have at home objects which have an affective value in our eyes but which we do not wish to exhibit, or many paperwork which would be unsightly in a neat living room decor. A small discreet shelf closed by a door can simplify your life!

Floor shelves or wall shelves?

It is the size of your living room and its style of decoration that will dictate your choice. The wall shelves will free up floor space while allowing you to display many objects in a very aesthetic way. These shelves placed on the wall will make your living room very graphic and you can even use modular lockers to create designer shelves with personalized shapes , an indisputable decorative asset! However, if you literally crumble under books and trinkets, it would be better to opt for a shelf on the floor, which will also serve as a library and which will support a larger volume of objects to exhibit!