Humorous patterns for offbeat decor

Humorous patterns for offbeat decor

Bring a touch of humor into your interior with decorative objects with unusual and funny patterns. For the table, the desk, on the walls or on the cushions, discover our selection of new products 100% cheerful.

The prank cushions

Here, no question of plain cushions but place the models that give the banana. In Domestic , designer François Clerc dares the Queen of England motif printed with a cross stitch effect. Kitschy and offbeat effect guaranteed! Vintage style at the brand pipoca and its cushion super late with rocket motif.

The table is having fun

For plates with funny messages and colorful designs, visit Hopscotch . Here, the model Marinette in Limoges porcelain designed by Mlle Héloïse. For pastry chefs, think of the silicone cake pan with pre-cut parts at different heights. At the time of the service, you will amaze your guests with 15 portions of all sizes! Also fall for signed creations Houndstooth : the Breton bowl for the stepmother, the lover, the pet, the king child, the patch; the "love filter" pitcher to make them fall crazy!

Office walls

Surprise with burlap wallpaper Peuzeul of Koziel . A giant puzzle to put on the walls for an offbeat side. For the office, Pa Design offers the computer jewel, to be fixed on the top of your screen and to avoid any excess of stress, the anti-stress ball which changes its face under the pressure of your hands.