Video: transforming a chair into a children's bedside table

Video: transforming a chair into a children's bedside table

Indispensable in the children's room, the bedside table allows you to place an extra lamp and the book that children read before going to bed. A small piece of furniture that we advise you to choose colored to decorate the decor of the room! Precisely, know that by customizing an old chair, you can get a model as playful as original specially made for your child, without spending a fortune. Demonstration in pictures.

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 6:30 Indicative cost: 35 € Necessary material : a mottled chair + a can of gray paint + a can of electric blue paint

Steps :

- Sand the chair then wipe it dry - Paint it gray except for the seat - Let it dry for 2 hours before applying a second coat - Let it dry again for 2 hours, then protect the edges with adhesive - Paint the seat in turquoise blue, because this color will stand out with gray - Let dry one last time 2 hours and paint your child's first name in black - Remove the stickers The little extra decoration: instead of your child's first name, you can draw a pattern on the bedside table that looks like the decor of their room: a smiley, a star, a flower… Shopping: Nyponros duvet cover, IKEA Jansjö clip-on spotlight, IKEA Sultan Florväg single mattress, IKEA Torva Rand multicolored flat woven rug, IKEA Red embroidered Caniss cushions, ALINEA White embroidered Caniss cushion, ALINEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi