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Divine and Maéva's bedroom

Divine and Maéva's bedroom


. 2 universal country head beds in wenge 90 x 190 cm ABC FURNITURE Sale of environmentally friendly solid wood furniture. Sleeping fabrication in our workshops in France. 2 UTILE Wengé Offices THE HOUSE OF VALERIE SCHISTE wavy black fountain The SHISTE fountain has a wavy design, made of black shale stone. Can be used indoors and equipped with screws to fix the body of the fountain aboveā€¦ THE PELICAN For the customization of the drawers: Decorative adhesive Bouton Dulce Ø 39 mm in black porcelain CASTORAMA 2 black stools GIFI www.gif ">Removable partition with adjustable slats KACHA Installation without drilling. Moves easily. CASTORAMA


. Chocolate carpet SPOILER


1 PALM RAY pendant lamp 2 PALM RAY lamps DESIGN FACTORY Lamp SPOILER 4 Lamps GIFI www.gif "> Crumpled Linen Duvet Cover Crumpled Linen Duvet Cover Crumpled Linen Pillow Case Crumpled Linen Duvet Cover Duvet Cover Crumpled Linen Pillowcase Crumpled Linen SPOILER NUBIA curtain 140x250 cm natural color PHEACIA Cushions CASTORAMA


. Mirror 30 x 120 cm Decorative letters "NATURE" in natural color pine CASTORAMA Mural : Dulux Valentine Painting - Colors of the World - Intense Nepal Dulux Valentine Painting Architect - Absolute Matt - Chalk DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin


. Set of 4 baskets Set of 3 boxes SPOILER 1 Table easel Acrylic paint cans 1 Workshop box 6 tubes Touch deco brushes Glaze resin Colors Fantasy PEBEO The candles: P90797 pillar holder cup P95427 candle garden S65181 3 wick candle G34249 3 wick candle jar G34550 3 wick candle jar PARTYLITE