How to consume less water every day?

How to consume less water every day?

Consuming less water in the house has two significant advantages. In fact, not only do you save on your water and electricity bills, but you also help preserve the planet's resources. Also with a few gestures and tips to perform on a daily basis, everyone can save money.

Close the taps

Is it still necessary to say that you should turn off the water faucets when you're not using them? Remember that you should not leave the tap on when brushing your teeth or when soaping in the shower. You should know that a tap consumes 10L per minute, so it is easy to save money by being careful about its opening. To help you, choose a mixer which will allow you to keep the chosen temperature even with the tap closed or choose a motion detector to trigger the water supply.

Use a water saver

To save water without realizing it, you can add a simple little accessory to your taps: the aerator or water saver. This trick helps maintain water pressure while reducing its flow rate by adding air to the water. This system then reduces the flow rate of your tap by approximately 50%. In addition, this process is very economical and easy to install.

Opt for a double flow flush

Choosing a dual flow flush rather than a traditional flush for your toilet can use up to half the water. This would reduce his bill from 50 to 150 euros per year. The installation is rather simple and hunting will be very easy to use: one of the two buttons will deliver less water than the second in order to save money.

Choosing Green Appliances

Today, household appliances really make it possible to save energy on the condition of opting for equipment whose energy class is A or A +. In fact, the energy label allows you to view the electricity and water consumption of your future device as soon as you purchase it. Finally, know for example that a dishwasher will consume less water than doing the dishes by hand.

Better use of water

Finally, to save water remember to favor a shower rather than a bath. Do not throw away the water if you do not finish your glass but rather water a plant. And above all, repair small water leaks as quickly as possible, taps that let a trickle of water through, or leaking joints.